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We desire to be messengers of hope, to bring the good news to the world around us, but sometimes we aren’t sure how.
The Heart of Evangelism
God is love, and we say that all the time, but how does it translate into our everyday life regarding evangelism? Do you love the people around you? Does your heart break for those who don’t know Jesus personally? This year we look at how the love of Christ provides us with conviction, compassion, and confidence to reach the lost people around us.
The Barriers of Evangelism
When we talk about evangelism, many encounter barriers we don’t even realize we’re running into. When is it ok to bring up spiritual conversations, or how to challenge people with the gospel? Maybe we get stuck on knowing when the right time to step into those personal things is. Jesus shows us how we can step over four specific barriers and share the good news with every person we meet, no matter where we are in life.
The Practice of Evangelism
We desire to be messengers of hope, to bring the good news to the world around us, but sometimes we aren’t sure how. Often we don’t find the space to practice or worry too much about being rejected. All of these things can lead to no evangelism in our lives. In this talk, we want to explore what it means to share the good news with people around us and how to do this in the community as part of God’s Kingdom.
How to Get Involved Internationally
The Josiah Venture Youth Ministry Recharge Events
This online event was created in response to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on youth ministries in Central and Eastern Europe. We aim to encourage and equip young youth ministry leaders to continue to walk alongside young people in fulfilling the Great Commission, even during these challenging times.

Last two years, over 2,200 youth leaders gathered in 15 countries to be "recharged.” Building on the previous two years' impact, we expect to serve over 1750 more young leaders this year.

Thank you for your genuine interest! There are three ways you can get involved:
Follow Josiah Venture on Instagram! We will be sharing updates and reposting stories from the events happening in all 15 countries. Just click on the button above. You can also follow the hashtag: #ymrecharge
Pray with us for these events. Pray for renewed vision in the lives of youth workers across Central and Eastern Europe. Pray that God would move in powerful ways and use this event for his glory. Click on the button above to view live prayer requests using our interactive online "Prayer Room" site or mobile app.
If you have any questions about this event, please click on the button above and contact us by email at: